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Zeynep lives with his old father. She has lost her ability to speak because of an accident. She needs an operation in order to be able to talk again. One day, five prison fugitives come to their house and kill Zeynep's father. The fugitives take their money and attack Due to the shock, Zeynep regains her ability to speak. The fugitives are arrested but Zeynep wants to take revenge, therefore she says that the fugitives are not the ones who have attacked them. The police appoints Murat to make her give a statement. Murat teaches her how to use a gun and some karate, but she still doesn't know he is a cop. They fall in love and decide to get married. On their wedding, the prisoners kill Murat. Nothing can stop Zeynep now from taking revenge. She becomes a policewoman and traces the fugitives one by one..
Deaf-mute blondie(Akin)lives a poor but idyllic life with her old father working as florists. One day five escaped convicts visits their house. They kill the old man, rapes the girl and steal all their money. These convicts looks and act like real sleaze bags, Rifki from "midnight express" seams like a choirboy in comparision. Because of the very cruel rape the girl gets a shock which leads to that her speech comes back. She swears to get here revenge, so she educate herself to be a cop and Karate-expert (this goes really quick and by the time she is finished the crooks are still unleashed)… This movie is rather fun and entertaining. But it ain´t no real masterpiece in it´s genre, I would only recommend this film too people who likes odd movies. There are many logical mistakes in the plot and some actors are real terrible. But I like the mood of this kind of movies it´s fun to see, the look of the diabolic crooks will give you nightmares hehe.
This thoroughly enjoyable slice of Turkish hokum is only available in the grey market via copies of a Greek videotape of a French print dubbed into English (and, of course, featuring Greek subtitles). Blonde (hence golden) Filiz Akin plays the mute daughter of a man killed by half a dozen rampaging ex-cons; the shock of his death loosens her tongue and she vows revenge. The intercession of a handsome loner (future Turkish MP Ediz Hun) provides her the necessary encouragement to go after the baddies, and crash courses in sharp shooting and karate provide her the needed skills. Broadly acted by all concerned, chock full of action, and featuring a terrific score, Golden Girl would have been a great addition to the Onar Films DVD library if not for the sad demise of owner Bill Barounis. Lots of fun if you can find it.

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